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Fiam is one of the leading companies in Europe and Italy’s foremost designer and manufacturer of industrial air tools and assembly systems. Fiam is a business partner that can be considered an international benchmark, perceiving and interpreting market demands and transforming them into products (also customised) with a standard of quality, safety and reliability that is by now well known. Backed up by over 60 years of experience and continual innovation, Fiam creates solutions that look to the quality of the finished product, increased production rate and improvement in operators working conditions.

Whether dealing with customers, suppliers or staff, we establish a relationship of absolute honesty, which is key to building a partnership worthy of the name. We value determination, a quality expressed every day in our solutions: the product of our efforts and expertise. We’re big believers in reliability, the result of an ongoing dialogue between man and technology. Every day, we work hard to produce solutions that will bring growth. Without our professionalism, we couldn’t do what we love most: challenging the markets, because with every challenge comes great opportunity. Flexibility is the concept that best summarizes who we are and what we do: it is epitomized in our solutions, which are born out of listening to each customer’s individual demands.

To continue to be seen as an excellent business partner in the world of industry: this is our guiding vision; to develop effective solutions in the field of tightening systems and manufacturing process automation: this is our everyday mission.

Fiam’s philosophy is borne out by its quality “record”. It was the first Italian company and one of the first in the world in its sector to obtain the ISO 9001 certificate and in 2002 Fiam obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certificate, also known as Vision 2000. Every day Fiam is committed to ensuring top quality in the products and many services it offers and with regard to the environment in which we all live. Fiam has always been attentive to the impact that its production activities have on the environment and to making ecologically correct products. The ISO 14001 certificate, which was obtained in 1998, is a demonstration of this constant commitment towards protecting the environment.