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BOFA (UK) Ltd was established in April 1987 and has unrivalled expertise in the field of fume extraction and filtration.

1984 – Founder and company chairman Dave Cornell identifies a rudimentary Swedish filtration system for extracting the harmful colophony fumes away from PCB assembly line operators. At that time Scandinavia were advanced in their studies and appreciation of the risks of developing occupational Asthma through inhaling such fume. Shortly afterwards he becomes the sole importer and only person offering a fully filtered extraction and filtration system for the electronics industry, within the United Kingdom.

1987 – By this time the sales potential was clear so BOFA UK LTD was formed on the 13th of April of that year. With no supporting regulations in place and little understanding within the market, companies on the whole saw extraction as a direct on-cost with no financial benefit. Despite the challenges there were early successes, with the first install taking place at Rediffusion Simulation in Sussex, where the health and safety officer had the foresight to realise that with such equipment in place there would be less frequent absenteeism due to illness and with a more stable and happier workforce production output would most likely improve. The word soon spread and not long after negotiations with Phillips Telecommunications (Cambridge) gave rise to our single largest installation ever carried out; a record that despite our now global presence remains in place to this day. The system was installed in the loft areas and serviced over 1000 solder line operators. Installation took a little over 6 weeks to complete and although not without its set-backs, including the initial resistance from line operators, the final result proved to be a great success. Post install studies made by the site Health and Safety officer confirmed that the first notable change was to the air quality within the main factory area. Prior to installation, a grey mist was apparent throughout the factory, but with the extraction system running the problem was quickly removed. The more notable change was the drastic reduction in the number of personnel reporting headaches and a general feeling of sickness. Further analysis confirmed that sick days had significantly declined. The steady increase in market demand naturally led to the emergence of competition with soldering iron manufactures such as OK Industries, Metcal, Adcola launched their own branded extractors. Other smaller companies also came to market with their own solder fume purification units.

1991 – Saw the introduction of COSHH (Control of Substances Hazard to Health) with this the demand for effective extraction rocketed. Frustrated by the limitations of the Swedish units, and now armed with the experience and knowledge that had been learnt Dave decided to design and manufacture his own extraction and filtration units. Aided by his eldest son, Christian, early production units were modeled in his Garage, but as demand increased expansion followed.

1994 - The decision was made to move the whole operation into their first factory in West Moors. This paved the way for ISO9001 accreditation, which was finally achieved in 1996. As the company grew, it recognised a niche in the market for laser extraction within the sell-by date code and marking industry.

1999 - The ‘L’ range of extraction units was developed specifically designed for the laser industry.

2000 - Again expansion required a further move and the company purchased a new 2500 sq.ft. facility at Fleetsbridge Business Park.

2001 - BOFA were approached to produce a unit capable of extracting the IPA fumes generated from the screen printing process on printing PC boards.

2003 - Launch of the Advantage range of laser extractors, which widened BOFA’s field of scope within the Laser industry, having suitable units the laser marking,engraving and cutting markets.

2004 - As BOFA became the internationally known source for quality extraction systems, the company name was changed from BOFA UK Ltd to BOFA International Ltd to fully recognise its status within the international market place.

2006 - Company expansion necessitated a further move to our present premises occupying in excess of 17,000 sq.ft. at Balena Close on the Creekmoor Industrial Estate.

2007 - This saw the introduction of the PrintPRO range, specifically for the wide format and print finishing industries.

2008 - Mainly through global agreements with major OEM’s, BOFA were beginning to see rapid sales growth within the United States and South America. To service these accounts effectively and increase the overall potential within these regions, the decision was made to form a fully owned subsidiary. BOFA Americas, Inc was formed as a sales and warehousing facility to service existing and gain new business within these territories.

2009 - The advancement within the laser industry, along with laser performance, increasing number of shifts and more arduous applications, required the development of an even more suitable range of extraction units. BOFA introduced the AD Oracle specifically for this purpose.

2010 - The factory was extended by a further 2000 sq.ft. A year later another factory was purchased to house the fabrication facility. This brought the overall factory floor area to a little over 30,000 sq.ft.

2011 - Launch of the FumeCAB range. BOFA wins the SMT Global award for the iQ Operating System. Launch of the DentalPRO range for the dental milling industry. BOFA Americas, Inc moves again as sales increase.

2012 - BOFA wins the prestigious Queens Award for Export trade. This was achieved by having a sustained increase in export sales over a period of 3 years. BOFA release the iQ Operating System for the AD Oracle fume extraction system.

2013 - BOFA acquire additional factory space and purchase new warehouse totalling over 35,000sq.ft. BOFA wins the PPMA group industry for outstanding sales/company growth award.

2014 - Launch of the 3D PrintPRO range of fume extractors for the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industries.

2015 - Management buyout with supported investment from LDC. BOFA Americas extends factory warehouse to over 25,000sq.ft.

2016 - BOFA International acquire additional 9,000sq.ft. warehouse - total factory space 48,000sq.ft. Release of new dental cabinets products for the DentalPRO range and the new AD Oracle iQ2 operating system at the LASYS exhibition.

2017 - Celebrating 30 years of success, protecting people and the environment. BOFA wins the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2017, an accolade in recognition of our revolutionary Intelligent Operating (iQ) system.