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Starting robot business in 1984, Hyundai Robotics first produced a welding robot in 1987 and has made a new epoch of exceeding 40,000 industrial robots produced in total in 2016, for the first time in Korea. Rather than being satisfied with such results, Hyundai Robotics pushes forward industrial robot, cleaning robot, and system businesses powerfully, building the only independent technical skills in Korea. Especially, the bodywork welding robot was selected as the top-notch global product in 2008 and the cleaning robot in 2011.

We are responding to global robot businesses by acquiring global safety standard certificates, including CE for Europe, NRTL for North America, Gost-R for Russia, functional safety recognition, and explosion proof certificate. And Hyundai Robotics is developing into the top general robot company in the world from exporting products to every part of the world, including China, Russia, India, Brazil, Iran, and Europe, and developing technologies continuously.

Hyundai Robotics performs businesses in all areas, including the automation of robots and plants, engineering, installation, test drive, and after-sales services.

Especially, Hyundai Robotics focuses on business of realizing a smart plant through cutting-edge industrial robot technology. We take the initiative in developing and distributing automation systems by developing new robots designed to customers' requirements and also support customers with the smooth operation of their plants by offering prompt and precise before- and after-sales services through the global service network.

Hyundai Robotics will continue to develop itself as a front-runner in robot industry, growing with customers mutually through continuous research & development and innovative products.