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Robotic technologies hold the potential to transform developed markets and to create new ones. It enhances productivity and at the same time increases the quality of both products and human life. As a pioneer in Personal Robotics, F&P Robotics AG works to achieve this vision.

F&P aims to establish as a leading provider of light weight robots. F&P focuses on the reduction of the complexity in automatisation. It should be as easy as possible to program and to steer a P-Rob, so that the P-Rob can be used for many new applications in collaborative robotics and service robotics . The “P” in P-Rob stands for “personal”, this refers to the easy and intuitive handling with the P-Rob, the intrinsic security concept and to the design of the P-Rob.

1999 the corporation moved to the Technopark in Zurich and grew continuously. The founder and manager Dr. Hansruedi Früh is a pioneer in collaborative robotics. As a spin off of the University of Zurich (Artificial Intelligence Lab) Neuronics Früh & Partner produced compact 5-axis robot arms.

In 2003 the coproration was ticketed with the CTI startup label of the Swiss Comission of Technology and Innovation (KTI). An annual growth of 40% resulted in more than 200 costumers in industry, in labs an service robotics, and in research and development.

2011 the corporation started to develop a new family of robots, called P-Rob®. The “P” in P-Rob stand for “personal”. Developing the P-Rob, F&P focused on easy and intuitive handling and an intuitive security concept. Important improvement in the hardware were for example a higher payload, more degrees of freedom and a better performance. At the same time the new software concept myP® was developed. It combines a realtime-webserver with a user-friendliy graphical user interface, which is independent from the operating system or from the tool. The ability to learn an to react situation-specific allows the P-Rob to be proactive.

In january 2014 the new corporation F&P Robotics AG was founded. The corporation is headquartered in Glattbrugg ZH, next to the Airport Zurich. Patents and new designs for the Robotfamily P-Rob® were submitted and in june 2014 the official launch at the Automatica in Munich and the ICRA Robot conference in Hong Kong took place. Since then the P-Rob 1R and the P-Rob 1U are delivered to costumers all over the world.

F&P Robotics has a strong network in switzerland and europe. As a member of theSwiss Mobile Robotics Consotium and of EUnited Robotics , F&P has a strong network in Robotics Industry

2015 the next generation of the P-Rob was developed. In december 2015 P-Rob® 2 was officially launched. Not only the design was completely revised, but also aspects of robustness, stability and security were complemented. At the same time the software was developed. The software-concept myP® 1.2 was improved and complemented with several aspects.