Intelligent storage automation for car dealers

Denmark’s largest authorized Mercedes dealer efficiently manages spare parts with the ClassicMat™

Ejner Hessel, Denmark’s largest authorized Mercedes dealer has a high-tech dealership that is largely digitalized and automated. Its equipment fulfils all the conditions necessary to offer customers the best possible service.

  • The company has achieved space reductions of 90 percent in the spare parts warehouse.
  • The fully automatic vertical storage lift provides spare parts as needed in real time.
  • The high picking speed, optimal ergonomic design, maximum safety, and intuitive operation ensure efficient workflows.

The solution – a fully automatic storage system for small parts

The key to the spare parts storage’s automation and digitalization was the ClassicMat™ vertical storage lift, which was developed by EffiMat Storage Technology. Among other objectives, the lift was designed with the aim of making optimal use of the storage space available in the warehouse. The solution also improves the workflows thanks to its high picking speed, optimal ergonomic design, maximum safety, and intuitive operation.

The result – maximum efficiency thanks to reduced time and space requirements

With the two vertical storage lifts, Ejner Hessel has reduced the required storage area to a minimum. The space gained here in turn allowed even more effective structuring of the work area.

“The ClassicMats™ offer the major advantage of a compact design that enormously reduces the warehouse footprint. They require a base area of only 25 square meters (270 square feet). Using traditional means to store the spare parts would have called for at least 250 square meters (2700 square feet). This equals space savings of 90 percent. In view of the high prices for storage areas in Aarhus, the ClassicMats™ are definitely a worthwhile investment.”

“The new system allowed us to shorten the mechanics’ waiting and idle times, because the spare parts are issued swiftly and directly as soon as we have entered the vehicle data into the system. The intelligent storage lift system ensures that the spare parts are already available when the mechanics need them.”

– Sandy Falkenberg, Ejner Hessel Sales Manager

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